Wagon Wheel, Mama Rock Me


Johnny B Goode, Ed and Margaret Jitterbug

First Date




White Man Footworking  (Acie Cargill)

Statevile Pen

Rock and Roll McDonalds

OJ Simpson, The Glove Didnt Fit

All Night Long

Liberty Justice

Missouri Waltz, Julie and Larry Dancing

Sermon On The Mount, The Beatutudes

I Am President Obama

Psalm 9

Knocking On Heavens Door

It's A Man's Game, Danica Patrick

95 New Angels

Living In The USA

Dance Club Boogie

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

South Shore Line

Can You Wait To Marry Me

Filipina Boogie


Sadaam Hussein


American Troops Coming Home


Cluck Old Hen


Judy Sex Goddess




Windy City Rag


Were You In Vietnam


Pope John Paul II the Peacemaker


Baghdad, Baghdad


Little Sister, Anorexia


Oklahoma City Bombing


Bobby Sands


I Like The Same Old Thing


I'm Not A Monster, Josef Fritzl

Hobo Blues

Coalition Soldiers

Crackhead Blues

Young Man

Sona and Jean Dancing to Hound Dog

Cute Kid Dancing to Mule Skinner Blues 

Church By The Side Of The Creek

Pullman Illinois, My Home I Was A Boy

Poe Classical School

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