An organization composed of members who have scored in the upper 2% on a standard intelligence test.  Lots of meetings and activities with subgroups on various topics.   The unofficial goal is to provide opportunities for highly intelligent people to meet and share ideas.


For more information or to arrange to be tested:

There is also an international organization:

The best place for website hosting.  They make it easy.

The best place for indie music sales.

this is the best place for indie oublishing.  they make it easy.

Finest in country music and rock

 Acie plays at two Rock and Roll McDonalds

   Western Ave. and Route 30 in Olympia Fields, Ilinois

      2-4 pm   every  thursday 

  Indianapolis Blvd next to Meijers Foods (2 miles north of Rt 30) Highland, In

      2-4 pm   every other tuesday    count from May 12, 2015

A truly amazing entertainer.  He knows over 5000 songs by memory.    A big full sound from his keyboard.  Performs at the Rock and Roll McDonalds in Olympia Fields, Illinois and Highland, Indiana



photo personals of male and female inmates

This is the company that makes the guitar I use on my jobs and I enjoy playing very much.  It has been dependable and true.  Mine is a Bean Blossom Guitar.


Here is Maurice Manhattan's wonderful food blog


It’s my personal favorite. NY style with fresh strawberries and blueberries. It’s my red, white and blue cheesecake.

And, MM does not use fake fruit, red dye #40 or blue #1.

Southeast Environmental Task Force

This is a worthy organization standing against environmental destruction and protecting the natural habitats that are left.

For professional line dance lessons:


There was never any doubt for journeyman bluesman Paul Kaye; from the time he was eight years old, that he would be a musician. “I can’t remember a time that my mind wasn’t on learning music,” he recalls.


One of America's finest hammered dulcimer players


Anna Stange sings songs for the whole family with a focus on fun.  Accompanying herself on guitar and banjo, mountain dulcimer and simple folk instruments, Anna's easy going and welcoming style appeals to audiences of all ages.


Fine blues guitar and bass and tattoos



One of the world's best old-timey musicians


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