Floyd and Nadine Morgan, Somewhere Between


Colin Joseph, age 9, Redwing


Al Joseph and Tom Gurney Orange Blossom Special


Tom's Torment / Kurt Acton and Tom Gurney

Tom Gurney   Sweet Home Chicago

Al Joseph, Billy Wayne   Devil Went Down To Georgia


Al Joseph, Flora Haynes, Billy Griffin    Cotton-eyed Joe

Billy Wayne   Achy Breaky Heart

Jerry Vernon   Honey Don't

Midge Rosenbauer   Long Gone Lonesome Blues

Kim Cooper Alyea    Blue Bayou

Tiny Wright  Calling to Boil the Cabbage

John Boner      Lovesick Blues

Floyd Morgan      Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy

Richard Mosely     Beautiful Brown Eyes

Jim List     Waltz Across Texas

Philadelphia Phil   Make The World Go Away

Nadine Morgan    Pick Me Up On Your Way Down

Cindy Hanus      When You Are In Love

Joe Charles Lindsey   I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes

Gabe Jamky  Satisfied Mind   (with Lauren and Acie)

The Morgans   Too Old To Cut The Mustard Anymore

Rich Alyea, Mitzi Oden, Grady Grice   Crazy Arms

Jackie and Dennis Jeffers   I Know You're Married 

Ed Kosner, Bil Robinson, Dan Hoen, Sam Stancin, Ed Karkut



Lauren Seeley    Splitting Wood




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