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        Country Music

Merle Travis

Lulu Belle and Scotty

Byron Berline

Henson Cargill

Claire Lynch

Molly O"'Day

Charlie Hall

Mary Minton

DJ and Pat

Freddie Pigg

Cash Brothers


Honeyboy Edwards

Acie Cargill

Tom Gurney

Max Brown

Paul Kaye

Bubbly Creek Blues Band

     Ethnic Music

Popovich Brothers of South Chicago

Skertich Brothers

Milan Opacich

     Bluegrass Collection

Lum Patton

Artie P. Crowder

Tennessee Railsplitters

Harld Lamb

Bill Jackson

Bill Clifton

Steve Rosen

Paul Holley with Rick Carter

Rustbelt Rounders


Pat Sowash

Betty Spears Tetzlaff

Hi Lo Brown

Gloryland Country Gospel Singers


Debra Cowan

Susan Rith Brown

Kristina Olsen

Ellen and John Wright

Acie Cargill

Al Joseph

Sally Anne Merrill

Anna Stange

Elma Tuomisalo

Cora Thile

Margaret Tyler

Eric Lambert

     Spoken Word 

Lauren Seeley

Andrea Stevens

Marlene Broderick

Flora Haynes

Associated Artists

        AciAcie Cargill Acie Cargill

Acie Cargill: South Side


       Tom Gurney

Tom Gurney: Tom Gurney


              Steve Rosen

Acie Cargill, Steve Rosen: Old-Timey Giants


              Paul Kaye

Acie Cargill, Paul Kaye, Al Joseph & Steve Rosen: Ends and Odds


          Rust Belt Rounders

Acie Cargill: Hawaii/Rockin


             Jerry Vernon, Al Joseph, Acie Cargill

Acie Cargill: Going To McDonald


           Eric Lambert

Acie Cargill, Johnny Cash, Eric Lambert: Songs For Sale


              Dave Aurelio

Acie Cargill: Hawaii/Rockin


          Debra Cowan, Kristina Olsen, Susan Brown, Acie Cargill, John Wright

Acie Cargill, Debra Cowan, Kristina Olsen, Susan Ruth Brown: Folk Legacy Hattie Mae Tyler Cargill


                   Blind Dog and Lightning Boy

Acie Cargill: Blind Dog and Lightning Boy


                Henson Cargill, Claire Lynch, Byron Berline, Acie Cargill

Acie Cargill, Henson Cargill, Claire Lynch, Byron Berline: Red Dirt


            Freddy Pigg

Freddy Pigg, Acie Cargill, Al Joseph & Harold Lamb: At Our House Tonight / Songs With A Message


              Lauren Seeley

Acie Cargill, Lauren Seeley: Spoken Word


            Anna Stange

Acie Cargill: Alaska



           Susan Brown, Sally Anne Merrill, Elma Tuomisalo

Acie Cargill, Susan Ruth Brown: Hymn To America



            Stones in Shoes Band

Acie Cargill, Steve Rosen: Old-Timey Giants


                   Leo Cargll

Acie Cargill: Iraq/Back To School


             The Sunshine Band

Acie Cargill and The Sunshine Band: Highland McDonalds 2010


Cobwebz Archives 

       Paul Holley with Rick Carter 

Paul Holley: Cobwebz Archives 1


                 Best of Freddy Pigg

Freddy Pigg: Best of Freddy Pigg


            Molly O'Day

Paul Holley & Molly O


Mary Minton, Charlie Hall, Dave Dalessandro


Mary Minton, Charlie Hall & Dave Dalessandro: Cobwebz Archives 2 (

Coming Soon:  

 Harold Lamb, Popovich Brothers, Max Brown,  Bill Clifton

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